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Ethan Daniels (oceanstockimages.com) provides a range of services, from archival quality prints, stock imagery, and photo/video instruction, to writing articles for publications around the world. OSI regularly provides imagery to each of the major (and minor) dive-related publications as well as other travel and adventure magazines.

Please contact us if you are interested in prints of any size and any type and we will provide a quote (ethanadaniels at gmail.com).

Ethan also runs dive trips and snorkeling trips throughout the world on an annual basis. He spends several months every year in Raja Ampat, Indonesia but also runs trips to North Sulawesi, Philippines, Palau, and other world-class destinations. Contact Ethan directly if you are interested in small, photography and natural history-oriented dive trips to the richest underwater regions in the world. (ethanadaniels at gmail.com)

Ethan and Lee Goldman have recently published Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Trianglewhich is available at CoralTriangleAdventures.com and soon on Amazon.com.

Ethan's natural history/photography book, Coral Triangle Seascapes, published by Asian Geographic is avialable online.

Ethan's natural history/photography book, Under Cape Cod Waters, is available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and in select bookstores.

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