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Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle, focused on the amazing creatures and habitats found throughout the Coral Triangle, written by Lee Goldman & Ethan Daniels, is now available on or by ordering direct at

Coral Triangle Seascapes, published in 2012 by Asian Geographic, explores the incredible marine environments that make up the Coral Triangle, a biogeographic region of the tropical western Pacific. Co-written with Dr. Geoff Cook, and with forwards by Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Charles Veron, this book should open the eyes of anyone who has interest in the ocean and its wide diversity of inhabitants. Currently available only through

Under Cape Cod Waters, an image-oriented book, perfect for the coffee table, published by Union Park Press in 2010. This book explores the natural history of the many aquatic habitats found throughout the historic peninsula of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Available on or through

Order from archival quality Fine Art on any medium in any size. A print of any image on this site can be ordered or request to view other options from whales to drifting coconuts and everything in between.

Email ethanadaniels at gmail dot com for prices and ordering.

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